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Custom Reactions per Forum


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Last year (when reactions were released) I asked if it would be possible to limit or customise the reactions per forums.

This could be useful, for example, if negative reactions can only happen in specific forums. This way ... "drama" is limited to places where you know all the drama is. 🙈
All in all, I just wanted to have a few forums where only 2 or 3 specific reactions were possible. Not all of them.

Someone suggested that technically it was complicated. Not sure if it was related to the API options .. No idea! I'm clueless about this things.
My question is ... is this possible ? If it is possible,  I suggest this widget. It could be very useful. 


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The way I imagine it, shouldn't be hard, check PM for details 😄 


OP didn't seem to reply to my PM but I still done it since it seemed like a nice plugin to do 🙂

It's on sell as well as part of the winter sell we are running, so grab it before it runs out! ( Full price 20$ )

( Waiting market approval for now ) 

PS. OP, if there is any modification you'd like, PM is still open 😄 

Update: It's finally been approved 😄 

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