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How to make backup database ips on ubuntu 18.04_1 in cmd?


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Hello all. I wrote a script that will make me backup the forum files and database. Database, then it breaks down and you have to do it differently. My script looks like this:

cd /var/www/ && rm -rf backup_forum/*
cd / && rm -rf cmd.tar.gz
cd /var/lib/mysql/ && rm -rf baza_danych.tar.gz
cd /var/www/myforums.pl/ && rm -rf pliki_forum.tar.gz
cd /
tar cfv cmd.tar.gz pack
mv cmd.tar.gz /var/www/backup_forum/
cd /var/lib/mysql/
tar cfv baza_danych.tar.gz forum_base
mv baza_danych.tar.gz /var/www/backup_forum/
cd /var/www/myforums.pl/
tar cfv pliki_forum.tar.gz admin api applications datastore oauth plugins system uploads .htaccess 404error.php conf_global.php Credits.txt error.php index.php init.php sitemap.php
mv pliki_forum.tar.gz /var/www/backup_forum/
cd /var/www/backup_forum/
tar cfv backup_forum_$(date +%d.%m.%Y_%H.%M.%S).tar.gz pliki_forum.tar.gz baza_danych.tar.gz cmd.tar.gz
rm -rf baza_danych.tar.gz pliki_forum.tar.gz cmd.tar.gz

After running the script, the database files that were packaged are damaged in the zipped tar.gz archive. How to properly back up the database using the terminal on Ubuntu 18.04_1? The one who will work for me everywhere? 🙂

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It seems you are trying to backup the database directly on the filesystem.  That's not a good idea, as the backup may not get an atomic/consistent view of database (unless you shutdown the service).

Take a look at MySQL/MariaDB documentation for a more reliable backup method for your database version.  (I have been using mysqldump --single-transaction with InnoDB tables, which works fine if the database is not too big.)

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