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Launching a new site

Steph Jensen

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I have doe a quick search in here, but i am not sure where to start and where to look.

Is there a good guide on how to launch a new site, and get the community engaged? I already launched it once, but with too many features, too wide audience, and not precise focus. Now i am looking into relaunching the site (maybe with a new name/brand/image) and looking into advice on what way to aproach it

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Prayer and whiskey in equal amounts.  

There's no set path to success, especially in today's Internet with more online communities competing for eyeballs and clicks. With that said, here are some starting pointers:

  • Content is King -- Google won't send you traffic if you don't have compelling content.  You need to develop EAT (expertise - authority - trust) in a certain subject matter.  You don't have to be THE expert, you just need to be a reputable source of information.  
  • Starting Group -- It's extremely hard to start a community by only yourself, unless your content is spectacular.  It helps if you have a small but dedicated group of friends and followers who can participate in the beginning. 
  • Write Emotive Topics -- Write topics that are intentionally provocative to get the discussion going.  
  • Simplify simplify simplify -- Make your website as simple as possible to navigate, browse, and interact.  Check mobile and desktop. 

Worry about your brand / name / image last.  That's all superficial design stuff.  Focus on your content and users first.   

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