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IPdownloads Daily Limits


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In Downloads Limits -> Maximum Downloads per Day: I have set to 5.

That way when the user reaches the limit is necessary for him to wait 24 hours to download something again.

But when the user reaches the maximum download quota, a generic error is displayed when he try to download something, so the user do not know what to do, the users get mad cause don't know how much downloads have made, don't know how many time he will need to wait to download something again, and just as a plus, the users in that situation usualy ask for help in many channels, proper or not, making our forum team to work a little bit more than the necessary explaining to every user in that situation something that we think should have been informated instead of the generic error.

A little more error handling in the downloads system will be very usefull and very nice improvment to the download system.

Will be amazing if in the user profile, he(we) can see how many downloads he have done, and if the downloads are blocked or not, and the time when the downloads will be available for him again.

We think that with some changes like that suggesteds, the system will work for us, and not us, to it. 
Maybe we can achive that with a better plugin, or even better, integrate something like this direct into IPS.



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I'd like to support this suggestion.  

My entire subscription system is based on additional download access and I've had to send in support tickets to IPS just to understand when and how my users can download.  And that's from me, an admin who knows how to access download logs and profile data from the ACP! My users have no clue when or how they can continue downloading.  

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