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CKeditor - Markdown and Images

Reto Bachofner

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Hi there,

I‘m entering my texts in Ulysses. This App can export in different formats. HTML or Markdown as example. I could install the Markup addon to the editor. But when I want to add markdown text with the editor there is no box appearing to enter something.


The second question is, how can I add an image to my text? The goal is to that the text is floating around the inserted image. Not attached anywhere or as image in the header. 


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The button at the bottom right (normally labeled "Insert other media") allows you to insert a linked image into the text. You can then doubleclick the image to align it left/right if you want.

If your app exports in bbcode format, this format is understood by the backend and will be parsed (although bbcode support is minimal and only critical issues are addressed currently).

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