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  1. Oookeyy.. I think I bought the wrong app then. I saw now your other app "Notices". Will this do the job? Can I send custom notifications/notes as part of an onboarding process?
  2. Hi @Fosters I installed this app and set a sequence of notifications as part of an on boarding process. There are 8 notifications and filter is set for a particular group to get it day by day as set. E.g. User is signing up as Basic-Member he should get first notification as soon he signed up. To do the trick filter is setup „Account setup“ & „less than one day“. But nothing happend. But when I go in my backend I can klick the forward button beside the notification the user will get the notification. Unfortunately again, if I press the forward button again next day. So Users will get the same message over and over again.. Maybe I don‘t get the purpose of this app, or do I miss a part to setup correctly?
  3. Great, @Joel R had buyed the Application as well. So we‘ll get soon a fantastic Guide how to use it 😉 Question. Is it possible to connect the Application to Mailchimp or any other E-Mail Marketing Service? Purpose would be to have different Lists for Groups. You would be able not only send automaticaly Mails as the Application does at this stage. You could go to your E-Mail Marketing Service and create E-Mail Funnels - Broadcasts e.g. Think this is missing sadly in IPS...
  4. Hi I get en error whilst installing this plugin: 2C145/D Uploadet File is damaged I‘m working on my iPad and so I uploadet the xml in the Mac Folder. Cheers Reto
  5. Ok, then it^s not for me at the moment. But thank you for the quick reply. All the best! Kind regards Reto
  6. Does it mean.. if a Guest is signing up as a basic member it will be added to one mailchimp list. Il‘l give them a profile field (named basic e.g.). If this basic member upgrades his account to a Membership Account with profile field Member it will automaticly switched them in mailchimp to the Membershiplist? I hope you know what I mean. It‘s difficult to explain
  7. I assume, that those changes made in the live editor or in the standart editor will be saved even after an update?
  8. Same issue here with the free version: I filled in all 4 fields for the plugin (API key, path to API files, list ID and fieldID) and save. But when I click 'edit' for the plugin again, all fields are empty again. I reinstalled again. Same issue. I‘m on the cloud version and I entered this path: /var/www/html/t283200/mailchimp-api/ I‘ve no clue which other path I sould enter there. Thank you, kind regards Reto
  9. Hi Do I understand the functionality right? It's a review system setup in pages. In fact it works like a directory? Is it also possible to combine it with the (SD) My Places from Coder @Spanner? (Sorry I can't copy the link at the moment) Thank you! Kind regards Reto
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