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Quick Filter Question

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I was trying something with the Table\Db helper. I used my own table and rows templates for it. I then did the following in the template:

						{{foreach $table->filters as $k => $q}}
							<li data-action="tableFilter" data-ipsMenuValue='{$k}' class='ipsMenu_item {{if $k === $table->filter}}ipsMenu_itemChecked{{endif}}'>
								<a href='{url="$something"}'>{lang="{$table->langPrefix}{$k}"}</a>

I can't remember exactly what $something was (have changed it back now), but the bottom line is this... it was a valid url. When I went and hovered over my filters, they indeed showed this same url I put in the template. But when clicking the filters, it automatically went to $table->baseUrl->setQueryString( array( 'filter' => $k ) ), anyway.

Why would it say one url and go to another? What I was trying to do was incorporate filter= into my friendly url where the whole url would remain friendly for this one page, but nothing worked as it kept going to that url, even if I didn't have filter= in my own url, either.

Is it because of data-ipsMenuValue? If that determines it, then what are we even doing the url below it for, though?

(I doubt I even still want to do this, I am only asking out of curiosity, where I learn, at this point.)

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