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Hello, iam hawing trouble to set up correct links for SEO.

Iam hawing:


i need: mmo2go.com/mu-online/

friendly urls have index.php? after my domain, and if adding link:


it goes to forum directory not to the correct forum




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This can’t be changed AFAIK. Forum URLs are created from forum names. 

Those friendly URL settings are there to change the structure of friendly URL, not a specific forum URL. 
The ? in the Real URL setting is not a problem. It’s the internal(!) URL. You won’t even see that while browsing a site with friendly URLs enabled. 

And lastly: I wouldn’t even bother with changing those URLs. There is nothing wrong with “forum/4-mu-online-private-servers/”. It even has the important keyword “forum” in there, which is good. Why do you think “mu-online/” is good for SEO? I would argue, it has zero SEO value. 

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