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Multiple Commissions in Commerce

Josiah Wallingford

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I need the ability to assign multiple commissions to files/clubs etc.

For example:

My site offerings provide a place for publishers, producers, videographers, editors, and actors. Each party needs to receive commissions. Generally, the publisher and the site admin split a commission. Whatever the publisher receives of that commission (let's say 80%) they have to split with the producer, videographer, editors, and actors.

As it stands right now, that is not possible. I can give the publisher their commission but the publisher is left to manually tracking and giving out commissions to their workers for each and every sale which means they now have to hire an accountant/bookkeeper to do the work that could have easily been done by our software.

Here is how this might work in clubs:

Club Owner (publisher) receives a commission that is split between site admin and the club owner. (This already exists, yeah!)
The Club Owner may now want to assign members within the club some sort of staff title. When they assign that title they choose how much of a commission that member receives.

On the custom application development side (which is what I am in the middle of now) this system opens a lot of doors for larger companies to jump into IPS. For example, universities or studios.

So, what exactly would IPS need to do to open the door of possibilities for us in regards to commissions like this?

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