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I think the Clubs application/feature is one of the most exciting under appreciated/developed things IPB has included in IPS. I am contemplating building a new site with clubs at its core and it baffles me how you can't search for clubs and have the clubs displayed in the search results...

Can you please implement this guys? Should hundreds of clubs be created it'd be handy if users could search for it!

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40 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

Search for what exactly? Name and description? Content is already searchable. 

Yes, the name/description of the clubs. The search results page should have the option to show relevant clubs, blogs etc... above any content. Especially when a site may have 30-100+ clubs it could possibly be tedious having to find the relevant club.

The closest thing i can think of to draw a comparison is Reddit. When you search on reddit for a subject, it'll show you relevent communities first then show you content below. I doubt it'd be very hard for IPS to add a part above the content listing relevent clubs, blogs etc... and perhaps have an option in ACP or search filter whether or not to show club/blog results in the search results page.



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