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Ticket Submitted - Remove Please


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I'm not sure if this is a general bug or if it's just on my board, but I recently changed the names of the 3 subscription options we offer on our website to kinda help advertise that they were cheaper than normal.  Nothing else about the subscriptions changed other than the price as insinuated.

Since doing this, for some reason the system is allowing members to purchase more than one of the same subscription and is acting like the original subscription no longer exists?  For example, a member had a tier 1 subscription that expired on June 16th.  Instead of the system letting her renew her subscription early to add more time to it, since the price was temporarily dropped and she wanted to take advantage, it disregarded her current subscription, made her purchase a new subscription to the same tier she already had, and she had two of the same subscriptions active on her account via the customer view tab.  One set to expire on June 16th (original) and the second to expire July 7th.

Is this something I need to submit a ticket for or is this an issue others have had/staff know about already?


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