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Disable ipsSticky


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Using the relativeTo option will do what you're asking:


(Selector; optional)

The element which visually appears as the parent of the sticky element. The sticky element's parent is assumed if not specified.

This option keeps the sticky element within the container specified by relativeTo. As an example, assume you have a sticky element within a sidebar on your page, and the relativeTo option is set to the sidebar. As the user scrolls down the page, the sticky element will remain visible, 'stuck' to the top of the browser window. However, if the amount of sidebar shown on the page isn't enough to contain all of the sticky element, the widget will unsticky it. This behavior allows sticky elements to intelligently behave as children of other elements that aren't themselves sticky.


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Please, could you give me an example of how to use it?

<div data-ipsSticky data-ipsSticky-disableIn='phone' relativeTo='this_way?'></div>

<div class='footer' id='this_way?'></div>

I'm trying but I think something I'm doing wrong ?

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