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An attendance report system (ATS)

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im looking for a system on the site where staff can submit a attendance report for members who attend/excused/AWOL practices , like a drop down memu staff can select what team to submit attendance for then select the day, then that loads up to a table with the selected group memebers and then staff can select between attened/excused or awol then submit it,then it calculates how many points a member has and shows it on the table and shows how many ponits on the member profile. if that makes sence.

I would like it to be done through our website not from an outside source 

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7 hours ago, Aiwa said:

A matchmaking type of system? 

There is a pages template system in the MP that mimics, to some extent, clanwars. 


Hello, no I've tried this and wasn't it, it need to be like this

First it be a down down menu off the day the practice took place and a selection box to click on whether its an mandatory or optional practice once that's done you click proceed.

Then it loads up another page with another drop down menu with the lists off our squads but they be separated into the division the squad belongs to, then the person would select what squad they're in, then click proceed.

Then that will then load a table with a list off the members that belong in the squad and next to the name off each person it have attended / excused / awol 

The person selects whatever one thats required then once done, press submit and it places it in a data base and calculates points up that was given that day to the overall number off points the member has, but i also like it so staff can select a squad and see whats been selected and update it if need be within the ats system.


The points are what are given for attending practice, so mandatory 12 points and optional 6 points, I'd like the amount off points given and the amount off awols a member has on the members profile so the member can see the amount they have aswell as our staff.

I hope this all makes sence.

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Not exactly calender events but practices that take place twice a week but the first selection on the drop down menu will have to several dates due to our different divisions practice days(possibly by week sun to sunday)

Our points system will be joint with my rank system, points are rewarded to members for attending practice, once they reach a certain amount off points they move up to different ranks and the more points they get they get promoted to the next one, they also benefit for our CoC staff to see if a member that would like to be come Squad Staff and see if he/she is actively attending practices or continually missing, just by looking at the members profiles 

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