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Redis server went away every few hours.

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Installed Redis 4.0.9 on Centos 7.5, after configuring, Redis starts with no issues and seems to be working. However, after a while the site will go down with the error: Redis server went away 0.

Getting this error when trying to run Redis after it fails: 'Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused.'

After it fails:

I am not sure if this is related or not, I get these processes running, and I have to restart the server to get them to stop.

13429 root      20   0   56588   7116    304 S 192.8  0.1 351:10.36 .gpg
  336 root      20   0   39256   7208   6848 S  14.4  0.1  35:10.63 systemd-journal
 8483 root      20   0 9771.7m   7044    768 S  14.4  0.1   0:02.72 pnscan

From what I understand, a file in systemd has been corrupted, but I am not sure if they are related or one is happening because of the other. Could be a total coincidence ?

Regarding Redis, how to I debug this issue and sort it, as I prefer Redis over Memcache.





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