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Forum+Posts migration between databases

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I have an issue - deleted a few forums and the posts in our PROD environment and noticed it to late. The backup is too old.

I have restored the site and database on a TEST environment before the "accident" and cleaned everything up so only the missing forums and posts are left (and the users etc around it).

Now I would like to move/copy these from TEST DB to PROD DB and hence I asked for support but it's not supported or recommended by Invision.

So I reaching out here - anyone that have done this and can throw some light on it?

Both TEST and PROD run the latest IPS (4.3.1)

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I had a look at the inbuilt Converter app and it looks like IPS is in the software list.

I haven't tried it myself but maybe you can use that to import your test database?

Of course then you would have a 2nd set of topics/users in your forum. It would be a mighty job to delete the duplicates..

Other than that I don't see any other alternative. ?

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