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Anything I need to know when I am at the point of actually ready to build the app? Don't want to assume and then do something out of order or skip something and mess it up.

Also, what is the best way of handling past versions' upgrade routines? I don't have to go through the dev center one by one adding in old queries, do I? I kind of doubt IPS went through individually adding thousands of old queries for past versions that way.

edit: also, if I build the app without the upograde routines at first, how would I go about putting them in later, since the dev center would be considering it a totally different version by then and the upgrades from past versions needs to be complete beforehand obviously, where it's up to date with 3.x version before going to 4.x. I guess for this custom version I could skip all of that past version upgrade stuff entirely, since it's only for 1 customer, though.

And, lastly, any good example of how to do something during the upgrade routine that is more complicated and needs steps where it can do x at a time? I did that a lot in 3.x and I kind of hate the idea of background tasks moving data after the upgrade and feel like I have such drastic changes that I need to move data around during the upgrade routine.

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  1. Just make sure everything is set and ready to go before you build your app. There's nothing 'special' you need to do.
  2. Technically there's a way to support the older style query php files (that hold a lot of SQL queries in an array and run them) but honestly I'd recommend just taking the time to convert your queries to the new system. It's a one time thing.
  3. You can add older version data and update older version upgrade routines after you have built a newer version.
  4. You can look at upgrade.php in applications/core/setup/upg_40000.php for several "looping" style upgrade routines.
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