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hi, we are still struggling with our update to ipb4. we are using ipb mostly over the api. while the update procedure there will be somchanges made. the posts will be wrapped in paragraphs. ascii-smileys will be converted to image-tags and some links in the posts will be converted to embedded content wihout questioning. and, most ugly, that automatically inserted html isn't xhtml conform. why that?

this means, we have to filter out the emoticon-smileys after the update and have to take care, that there will be no new ones in the database. you can't switch off the emoticons. we don't like them, we like plain ascii smileys. fortunately we can switch off the embedding, but that won't roll back the changes during the update. we have to get every single link out of our database backup and replace the embeddings with the old links. that's a lot of work. could you please be more sensible with your users data? and if you think you have to store html in a database (which really isn't my opinion), why don't you at least use xhtml???

i am vey sorry, i respect your work and see also positive changes, technically, but sometimes this upgrade feels like a downgrade.


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