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Error code when overriding gallery permissions


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I have a club you have to join to see the content which I really want people to do cause that's where the goodies will be regarding photos. However when using the block manager in trying to create an appealing front page and using the


Normally this should be left enabled, but you may want to disable if you are deliberately showing content users cannot access, for example, as an incentive for upgrading their account.

As a guest on the site I can see the galleries by name combined with a image placeholder. Even though I rather have a teaser photo from the galleries I can live with the placeholders BUT not the text that comes up when you click on it. 


Sorry, there is a problem

We could not locate the item you are trying to view.

Error code: 2G189/2

This text is not that appealing and make it sound like there should be something wrong on the site which is not. So my questions are the following.

  • Have I done something wrong in the settings regarding visitors in this matter. How do I sort it out
  • If not what happens if I change this text to something more appealing like "to see the full content you'll need to be a logged in member" . Will this come out bad in some other location on my site?

I really want this particular content to be an appealing teaser to join the site. 

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Unfortunately, the error message is the standard generic "you don't have permission to view this" message essentially (which actually says "we could not find the item you were trying to view" as a security precaution to prevent users from being able to adjust URLs to figure out things about the site they shouldn't be able to know.

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