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  1. Not sure if I'm looking in the right place but how do I update this application. Am on 1.1.9 and I see there seem to sum bugs in the 1.2.0 so I will wait till that is sorted out but then how do I update?
  2. @Joel R exactly, for my line of work it would be genius with a wall like thing for link posting with previews rendered like on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.
  3. Is there a setting (or a plugin) I missed that lets me have like an active "wall" in a club. I just love the activity feed on the private profiles and it would be really helpful if I could post some things directly into a club.
  4. You know if it's possible to fetch external links?
  5. When I load the blog page set in the grid system there seem to be a delay in the loading process showing the post stretch out in all their glory instead of just the featured image and the excerpt. Any way to fix this. I have my site in the cloud.
  6. I'm testing with a member who cannot see or access this club but who can see the blog from it on the blogs front page..
  7. Is there a custom CSS to use for now?
  8. @Optic14 it's really a nice and useful feature
  9. I would also love to have a blog block listing looking like that. For pages I got the @opentype SuperGrid plugin the other day. Just wish I could find something similar for the blog.
  10. Is there a setting to not show clubs in user profiles when in forum views etc. I want it to be nice and slick as in the image of my user here on the site, but instead every club seems to be added on to this profile view making it pretty big. Where do I find such a setting?
  11. Why is a (private) club blog visible within the general blog app on the page. Can I bypass this behaviour? Cause I really don't get why to have a club with a blog that is then open in the other blogs if anyone follows.
  12. Couldn't that be a somewhat "pure" Facebook issue? They rather want you to stay there and not hang out anywhere else. And they've done so many changes recently regarding interacting with other sites.
  13. But can I change dates of a page? I looked for it but can only find it in the blog app.
  14. As I understood it the blog on this site is run via the Pages system. Does anybody have any good inputs/ideas which one of the two actually would be the better option of the two for the site owner's news/blog?
  15. Didn't dream it - it's in group settings ?
  16. Did I dream I came across a setting where it was possible to make people an exception to the rule of having to pay for ads? ? If I didn't dream it where do I find this setting? ❓
  17. What size would you recommend a fall back image to be? ?
  18. Is there any way - in the default - I can feature database entries in a nice way. I can only find the setting that says show only featured and then anything is gone. And sorting doesn't seem to offer this option of featured on the top neither does the order option. Turning them into a block didn't come out that appealing. So question remains how do my featured clients end up on top of the list/page. If the default settings cannot do it does i.e. Supergrid do this?
  19. Can I except serious problems with my site doing a migration of a Wordpress blog into it. It's really not a community but a blog I'd like to import in all its glory.
  20. Is it possible to remove step 2 "item condition" when to post an add?
  21. AAAAA, again I looked in the wrong place. Found it!!! Gracie mille ?
  22. Where do I find the selection button for making a custom made home page?
  23. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still no tick boxes ?
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