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The requested IP is LOCKED


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This month, my community www.o9c4.com was locked by IP for several times.

It appeares the window with internet provider logo, about: "The requested IP is LOCKED" and some links to federal law of Russia and the blacklist.

After less than a minute or about, the page can be refreshed and online again. Or can be viewed with VPN.

The ban periods i catched myself:


I asked my internet provider administrator and he answered me the next:

"As far as we can see, the address of your site is resolved in

When checking on the website of Roscomnadzor (FEDERAL SERVICE FOR SUPERVISION IN THE SPHERE OF COMMUNICATION, INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY AND MASS COMMUNICATIONS) - on the last there is a ban. I attached the screen. It is also worth checking out your IP (listed above) on agalogic information sites, because for some reason the information on them can vary. This may be the reason for this behavior of the site.


Number and date of foundation for entry into the register: 2-6-27 / 2016-01-31-3-AI dated 11.02.2016
The body that made the decision on entering into the register: the Federal Tax Service
Restriction of access: limited to ip

In conclusion i would like to say, that probably, any communities InCloud were broke the Russian law and now the government system blocking IPS communities on the same IP, but system back the site online by domain then.

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