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Allow images in recent posts feed?

Simon Harvey

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Thanks for coming back to me so quickly.

Sorry - I meant the poster image.

At the moment the text between the <video> </video>  tags is displayed as if the browser doesn't support video tags - which is expected.

I could include an <img> in there but how can I enable images to be displayed in the posts feed?


<video class="myvideovid" controls="" height="480" poster="/PATH/TO/IMAGE/theimage.jpg" width="640">
<source src="/PATH/TO/VIDEO/thevideo.mp4" type="video/mp4">
<img src="/PATH/TO/IMAGE/theimage.jpg" class="videoposter">


I don't mind editing  code - I'm just not sure where the post html is cleaned for displaying in the feed.  Maybe I could allow images through by class? Or just images that are contained between video tags?

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