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Commerce Product Expiration?


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Hi, I'm trying to create a "subscription" product where a new user can have a free 3 month trial before deciding on whether they want to commit to a subscription.

Is there a way to 1:) Set this product to only be available one time per member and then lock it once used and 2.) set it to expire 3 months from when they've activated the trial?


Thanks all!

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6 hours ago, Insane21m said:

I figured this out.
For anyone curious, I just created a 100% off coupon that can only be used for a specific product and can only be used once per member.

This seems to suit my needs. Topic can be closed or whatever.

Just create a package call free trial or what ever you wanted and set it to upgrade their usergroup then you have no renewals on it, now on the Store & Purchase Settings tab disable the ability for users to buy more than one


it does say don't use for free trials but the way you do it now is basically the same, as they can create another account and use the coupon you set

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