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CKEditor ~ Delete button, and publish toolbar options


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The issue is that, for example, if you want to test out a ckeditor button and it ends up having a dialog box that overlaps a default ips dialog box, and you want to delete the button the only way to do it is to completely restore your toolbars to default and then re-add, and re organize all your other buttons.  In the meantime, all these changes you're making are live on the site, so your members are just getting half built menu bars until you're finished.

There are 2 ways this could be solved, and either would do it on their own, but having both would be optimally convenient.  First, the option to simply delete a button would do it.  Second, having a "publish this toolbar" much like the menu managers "publish this menu" would allow any number of changes before making the menu live.
So that's it.  Hope this helps.

EDIT:  Welp, right after posting this I noticed that a delete button button has been added.  lol, sorry.  A publish toolbar menu would still be nice tho :)

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