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Bill Edwards

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I have been trying to clear out my Inactive Members and cannot believe that there is currently NO WAY to achieve this.

If a Member logs in anonymously he won't register as active, so could visit daily but never show. I fully understand the purpose of logging in anonymously on the front end, but surely as site Administrator I should be able to know that a member has logged in/visited the site? 

The way things currently are I CANNOT clear out old accounts because I cannot positively say which are being used. Seems a big gap in the software in my opinion :(


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3 hours ago, Cyboman said:


I brought and installed that app, but unfortunately it doesn't work correctly (at least for me). I set up a rule to move members inactive for 36 months and it moved a member who had only been registered for 2 months (I didn't check further, there may have been more). I reported to the developer on two occasions, but he just refunded the app :(


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