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Feedback on the new Promote function


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In a response to a Support Request, it was suggested that I provide my request here:

1.  I would like to be able to promote content to either a Facebook Group or a Facebook Page -- not just to a Page.  Our club (not to be confused with an IPS Club feature) has both a FB Page and FB Group.  They are interlinked on Facebook, but the vast majority of the traffic is on the FB Group.  Note that if I do a Facebook Share (instead of an IPS Promote) that I can select to share to either a page or a group.

2.  I would like to be able to Auto Promote content from specific areas of my site.  For example, I use a specific News and Announcement forum for just that purpose.  I would like for all new topics in that Forum to be automatically promoted. I've also described other specific areas of my site that I would like to automatically promote, as descibed in @Joel R topic here:  

Note that my response to the "intended to be curated" issue is:

a.  Let us, the Site Admins curate by selecting specific areas of our sites to auto promote (such as one of my approximate 15 forums). For example, only Moderators or Admins can post topics in that specific forum -- so it has already been "curated"...
b.  We could still curate all promotions coming from the automatically promoted content by deleting anything we didn't want to be promoted from the list of scheduled items.  It could become "curate by exception" and dramatically reduce the human intervention or action needed.

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