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Advertisements - insert via front-end block manager?


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Hi there,

Currently on my XF setup I achieved adding advertisements using widgets.

The front-end block manager in IPS is really good, is it possible to use it to add Advertisments you've created in the Admin CP?

In your documentation for Advertisments it says you can insert them into the Pages application:


Manual Ad Placement

You can put advertisements in several pre-defined locations but it is also possible to create additional locations which you can insert by modifying the HTML code for your community or use in the Pages application.

First, create your advertisement as normal. For the "Show the advertisement" setting, select "Define your own location" and enter a key into the box (it can be whatever you like). You can then later use the same key for other advertisements that you want to show in this location.

Now you will need to insert a special tag in the HTML code where you want the advertisement to show. The code to insert is:


Replace "KEY" with whatever key you used.

Instead of inserting into Pages, can we insert them using the front-end block manager? Or do we need to insert it manually into the theme's template? I'm worried that it is difficult to insert an Advertisement in the middle of two existing sidebar blocks for example, so was hoping to continue using the front-end block manager for drag and drop.

Any help would greatly be appreciated..

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