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twitter & facebook login/authentication

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Before activating twitter & facebook login APIs I've a question : how these users profiles will be managed in the community ?

OK, it is a large question, but more precisely, I mean :

. will they have a local profile created in the community database ? (then follow our groups promotion rules, etc...)

. will they be able to log through standard method if they don't want anymore (or are unable) to use facebook/twitter login or they'll be committed to create a new account ?

Thank you for your answers,


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Yes, the user is added to the database just like if they used the default registering method, with a small catch, the account password.

They can at any point login using their email and/or username after registering using a social login handler. Their account email will be the one associated with the social network they used to sign up the first time. Since when logging in with a social network you are not asked for an account password, they may have to request a password reset in the login form when trying to login using the standard method, unless they set it when logged in in their account settings.

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