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Google Map API

Florent Cadet

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Is someone able to use enhanced feature Google Map?

I only get this message: "invalid api key"

The key is correct because I use it for a custom page I created myself using the same domain (Google Maps Javascript API Key)

I use HTTP referrers to protect my key, domain is correct

I would be very graceful to the one can help me.

Thank you.

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  • 4 months later...

yes I ran in circles last night for three hours trying to set it up for use on my board...

still trying to get it to work and I am lost

So I went to Google...

I created a project and named it my website name


then I enabled every single google option I found

all of these...

Android Device Verification
Android Management API
Google Cloud Key Management Service (KMS) API
Google Maps Android API
Google Maps Directions API
Google Maps Distance Matrix API
Google Maps Elevation API
Google Maps Embed API
Google Maps Geocoding API
49 ms 65 ms  
Google Maps Geolocation API
Google Maps JavaScript API
Google Maps Roads API
Google Maps SDK for iOS
Google Maps Time Zone API
Google Places API for Android
Google Places API for iOS
Google Places API Web Service
Google Static Maps API
Google Street View Image API
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I only want to be able to imbed a google map when showing Jeep trails and locations across the US...

Figured it would be simple.

then I got an API key


when I enter it on my IBP side in admin cp I get this

That API key is not valid or does not have the Google Maps JavaScript API and/or Google Static Maps API enabled and/or Google Maps Geocoding API enabled. Make sure you have followed all of the steps in the setup instructions. You may have to wait a few minutes after enabling the API for it to take effect.

I set them up last night and it now has been approx 20 hours since...

What am I missing.

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