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Rename two-factor auth methods and improve instructions


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The method which is called "Google Authenticator" and proposes the app of the same name in fact can be handled with other applications (which are much more easy to use and has more features like backup, multidevice sync, etc) such as Authy. Most people don't even know what they have an choice for this method, because instructions don't point it. Here is more info on this.

Also there is already available separate method which is called "authy" but uses sms/call/push methods.

So at current state it is not informative and misleading now.


  1. Rename "Google Authenticator" to "App with one-time authorization code" and add info about Authy to it's instructions.
  2. Rename "Authy" to "Phone Number/SMS/Push/Call/Something else" but not just Authy because it can be used even without the app.
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Google Authenticator is probably the most popular of the apps which do this, so we call it Google Authenticator, and direct people to that app, so it's easy for people to set up - but of course, users who are more technically-minded may choose another app to use (as such apps tend to advertise themselves as Google Authenticator compatible).

You can of course, change the language to whatever you want using the translation features in the ACP. Authy will actually automatically call itself "SMS verification" if the option to use the app is not enabled.

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