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Limit one group members to add members to predefined groups


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I know, this may be strange, but let me explain :)

I'm owner of big community. I want to give permission for adding users to specific groups to my staff team. For example:

Staff Team can add user only to "players" group and delete users from "players" group (nothing more, nothing less).
Tech Support can add user only to "high command" group (delete as well).

//Only examples to imagine you what I want.

Is it possible to do this? Or, is there any add-on what allows me to do such thing?

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I am interested in this as well, or at least a related question.

I would like to assign one member of each secondary group approval authority for adding members to the secondary group over which they have authority.

How do folks with a large number of groups manage requests to join specific groups, etc.?

Sorry if this hijacks the OP's question - seems possibly related.

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