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Embed links it not working correct


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Hi, after some of your updates now to 4.2 i get some problem with embed links

My site is using pages instead of forum. I write news articles in pages and upload .pdf documents to these news articles but to keep them together i have to embed the news article like read more link in to the download document. There i get problem now.

Let say i have upload some document realated to these news article that users can download if they want. I want them to see the embed link in these download document. But the embed link is changing when i add the link in to the document to embed at the end. And it will not redirect to the news article like it did before. Now it only redirect to a popup page that show the embed. Not good now i think.

Someone else have these problem. Before it work fine but now i can't add an embed link in to a download document in to a news article page. NOTE i'm not talking about embed to  forum. Don't have forum. Am using pages instead. The embed link changes in to this at the end /?do=embed and will not redirect to the news article page i want. It just popup now. Before it work fine but now after this update to 4.2 it's a disaster. I have almost 1000 links that are destroyed now.

Am i doing something wrong here? Do i need to do something to keep the links like the was before that they redirect to the right news article like i want. No to a embed pop up.


Sorry for bad English. Hope you understand what i'm trying to tell here.

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Yes i did add a ticket today. See what they say. But very disappointed. I been working so hard the almost 5 moths now and i was think to let the site live in a few weeks from now but now see that the links in my read more embed links to my news article is almost dead. The will no redirect back to the news article like it did before. So much work for nothing.

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