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Gallery error since upgrade


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Getting error on gallery since latest upgrade

Gallery is locked with following error

This application is out of date and cannot be enabled until it is upgraded. Please visit your client center to download the full Invision Community package. 

Have downloaded full package & uploaded files,Still the same error.

Gallery info is

Application Title     Gallery
Current Version     4.2.0 (102003)
Author     Invision Power Services, Inc.
Installed     3 minutes ago

Any help much appreciated.

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I'd suggest a quick ticket in the Client Area for this so a support technician can take a look for you. :)

The only immediate thought as to why it is doing this is because some Gallery files are not the 'newer' ones. If you are 'self hosted' you could redownload the complete package and re-upload it to try but if you are in any doubt about this just submit a ticket. :)

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102003 is the 'long name' for 4.2.0. You will unfortunately need to wait for a support tech then. It almost appears as though either the files that you downloaded were incorrect (unlikely) or your FTP client decided for some reason to skip them.

I have seen this / similar before where a certain FTP application renamed them which caused odd issues.

If you want to double check what you have downloaded regarding gallery, open the suite .zip on your desktop etc and look at /applications/gallery/data/versions.json (just open it with a text editor) the last few lines should have 4.2.2. in them:


If your file looks like that: Then the problem is in the uploading process itself. If possible try a different FTP client. Filezilla is OK to use (and free)

If your file does *not* look like that: Redownload the Suite again and examine said content again of the new one.

Note : Whatever you do don't try to add these manually to that file as without other matching files present, it will break.

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The only other check you can sensibly do at this stage is to download that single file via FTP or your hosts file manager (just the ' /applications/gallery/data/versions.json ' nothing else)

Then when you have downloaded it, open it on your desktop etc with a text editor and check to see if it really does contain 4.2.2

If it does not then it points towards an uploading concern, but that seems slightly unlikely now given your last reply. :)

You will need to await a support technicians response to this. Support is 24/7 however it is not as quick over a weekend. Thank you for your patience.

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