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I need timezones for calendar

Steph Jensen

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I am messing with my newly installed IPS board, and found out that i need to allow users (and myself) to specify timezones to the events, and to display this timezone in the event itself. Preferably, also translate the timezone to the timezone of the user who is viewing the event.

Is there a built in feature for this, of an easy way around it?

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When you create a Calendar event, you'll notice a menu where you can specify its timezone (although it's in small text, to the right, beneath the event's date summary and above the details section).  So far, the event's timezone is not displayed in the event itself - but you are absolutely right; it should be.

You should also be warned that there is a serious bug with specifying and editing timezones for which I submitted a support ticket a little while back.  In short, editing an even and modifying the timezone gets you into all sorts of trouble: edit your event and you may find the timezone defaults back to the server time.  Change it back to the timezone you want, save your changes and you'll find the event's date completely out of whack!  Moreover, I'm not entirely sure an event with a different timezone displays correctly on the Calendar.

Hopefully this will be addressed soon.

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Thanks for this @liquidfractal


I actually had to come back here to read the closer explanation about where this was, but i eventually found it. Pretty discreet eh?
Here's a picture for others who might be looking for it

Is your support thread public or is there any way to follow the progress of the bug fix?


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