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Horizontal ad placing

Wade Nash

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I am wanting to add a horizontal row of 2 or 3 ads at the bottom of my pages. I can see how to do this and have them appear underneath each other but I want them to appear side by side. Is this best done by adding a table and placing the ad keys within each cell? If so can someone show a novice the step by step way of doing this in the Themes

If there is a better way then please let me know.

Thanks, Wade

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Thanks Opentype. That works well to give me just what I need with regards to the horizontal spacing. I have added the following into my global footer as a test.


<!-- Grid added to Footer for advertisments - Wade -->
<div class='ipsGrid ip'>
    <div class='ipsGrid_span4'>{advertisement="AdKey1"}</div>
    <div class='ipsGrid_span4'>{advertisement="AdKey2"}</div>
<!-- End of Grid added to Footer for advertisments -->

and it gives me the following


These are left justified on the page though. How can I get them horizontally centred on the page? Sorry I am not good with working with template editing yet.



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