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  1. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    Thanks Martin - I have now managed to reinstate it
  2. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    If I do a new Member Map installation to try to recover the tab will it erase the database entries so far?
  3. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    The Member Map tab has suddenly disappeared from the main menu. We have not knowingly changed any permission settings. It does still appear in the "Clubs" area though. Do you know why this should happen? Thanks, Wade
  4. Yes - I just did a search for "club" in the language setting and changed them all. It took a while as there are quite a lot of them.
  5. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    Hi Martin - www.woodsmokeforum.uk. When you join I will temporarily make you a site administrator. Wade
  6. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    Here are some screen shots of what I am seeing. Each time I refresh cache or browse other pages on the site and go back, what is displayed on the map changes Member Map points.pdf
  7. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    Thanks Martin - It is now working. A couple of slight issues... It does not seem to show maps on an iPAD - is this expected? The members and groups that show on the map seem a but hit and miss. When I refresh the browser page and also the server and browser cache the points that show on the map change. I have also added myself as a member and sometimes it shows me and other times it does not What is the difference between point that is an icon of a person and one that is an icon of a house? Cheers
  8. Wade Nash

    Member Map

    Hi Martin - I am just installing Member Map for the first time and when I try to add a marker location I get the following error message emailed to me I am sorry if you get asked this question a lot or I have missed something in the installation instructions but do I need to get an API key from somewhere and install it? Thanks Wade
  9. We are already using Google Maps locations in our forum for events, however we are wanting to provide a combined members location map with multiple locations showing where our members are located. Has anyone else achieved this and if so how? Thanks, Wade
  10. Thanks Opentype. That works well to give me just what I need with regards to the horizontal spacing. I have added the following into my global footer as a test. and it gives me the following These are left justified on the page though. How can I get them horizontally centred on the page? Sorry I am not good with working with template editing yet. Thanks Wade
  11. I am wanting to add a horizontal row of 2 or 3 ads at the bottom of my pages. I can see how to do this and have them appear underneath each other but I want them to appear side by side. Is this best done by adding a table and placing the ad keys within each cell? If so can someone show a novice the step by step way of doing this in the Themes If there is a better way then please let me know. Thanks, Wade
  12. I will take a look, thanks. We have renamed "Clubs" to "Groups" (as "Clubs" sounds a little too casual. We have done this using the language customisations. Do the plugins pick these up?
  13. The issues/challenges we are seeing with using Clubs are similar to those posted above. Our wish list includes... The ability to categorise clubs so that clubs can be filtered. We are trying to use clubs to serve the requirements in several different distinct communities and it is very messy having them all appearing mixed together. The ability to change the size of the clubs in the club list. At the moment they are way too big. Maybe as suggested above a "list" option is added. Having the ability to show the above categories either as a filter list or as tabs along the top of where the clubs are displayed Ability to put some descriptive text in the Clubs main page to explain what clubs are for. The ability to re-order Topics once they have been added to a club The ability for club owners to set the type of club - public private etc. Thanks Wade
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