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[Commerce] Change Currency Automatically


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I have an issue where I receive an EX0 error every time I click on a product in the store that does not have a price set in the currently active currency. It would be great if you click on an product that only has one defined price in a certain currency, it should switch to that designated currency to prevent errors and allow for a more pleasurable user experience. I get so many question from my users asking why they're receiving an error in the store, and 99% of the time it's due to this.

An example would be, I have an item only available to be purchased in USD since it only has one currency block defined, but the default currency, and majority of the other products are priced in, for this example, EUR. If the user decides to click and view a product that only has a defined price in USD without changing the currency of the store before hand, the store should automatically switch to present the price.

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