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  1. @Kuba6850 Can you implement the ability to have this as a login handler as well?
    Just reading the features makes me love it already. I've been wanting to upgrade to IPS 4.3 for a while now but haven't been able to due to utilizing a similar app that is a staple of my community. Now that this is here, I can upgrade! Thank you for this, and please don't ever leave it ❤️
  2. Ah, I read in a previous post that someone has issues with their users being unable to link/sign in with Discord. I do use role sync which is reliant on that. Not having role sync would be a huge headache unfortunately. The reason for this from what I'm hearing is due to the way login handlers were changed.
  3. How did you get it working? I have yet to upgrade to 4.3.1 and I don't want it to break on me.
  4. Great, now I'll have to wait 2 years before I can update to 4.3...
  5. I have an issue where I receive an EX0 error every time I click on a product in the store that does not have a price set in the currently active currency. It would be great if you click on an product that only has one defined price in a certain currency, it should switch to that designated currency to prevent errors and allow for a more pleasurable user experience. I get so many question from my users asking why they're receiving an error in the store, and 99% of the time it's due to this. An example would be, I have an item only available to be purchased in USD since it only has one currency block defined, but the default currency, and majority of the other products are priced in, for this example, EUR. If the user decides to click and view a product that only has a defined price in USD without changing the currency of the store before hand, the store should automatically switch to present the price.
  6. The feature to allow users to only create x amount of Clubs would be great. For example, to allow regular Members group to only be able to create one Club or be a member of one club at a given time.
  7. The option to allow registering users to refer an existing memeber of the community upon registration, and to be able to see the person the new user referred upon registration in the members list. Could also be integrated to allow a perk or other configurations similar to the commerce referral and so on.
    It's a must have! Definitely worth it since it covers all of Taman's content.
  8. Not sure if this is already a feature, but the ability to change the title/name of the "Club" feature to something else like "Team" would be great Hopefully I'm posting this in the right spot.
  9. Kuma

    Dreadnought Theme

    A fantastic theme. @TAMAN provides quick and helpful support! 11/10 Recommend.
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