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Facebook Promotion

Mike Gholson

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Has anyone been successful at getting approval from Facebook for the promotion feature?  I've tried submitting 'publish_pages' and 'manage_pages' options twice already and they denied it.  Here's what they are saying


Your screencast doesn't show how this permission is used in your app, and we weren't able to reproduce the permission on our end either. Please upload a new screencast and update your submission notes before you resubmit.

I really have no clue what they want me to do here because I've uploaded two different screen casts.  Is this the result of lazy Millennials?  lol


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If you are a member of Administrator Role of your application and you intended to use the same Facebook account with Facebook page promotion feature, you do not need to submit permission request for Facebook review as your application will have all permission access to that Facebook account. Or, you can add the different Facebook account that is currently using to manage your Page to the Administrator Role of your app as well.

However, if you would like to do this. I am currently working with the approval process and managed to get "publish_pages" permission now. I will share you how to do this once I got "manage_pages" permission.

EDIT: Hooray! I am now got approved for "manage_pages" :) Now my Facebook application has all required permissions for IPS community suite.

Should I write the instruction guid for this?



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