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manual sql query during upgrade - how long should it take?


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This might be a really stupid question, but I'll have a go anyway;

I'm in the middle of upgrading from 3.4 to the current version of IPB and was asked to run a manual query 

ALTER TABLE ibf_forums_posts DROP INDEX post;

I'm running this query now, but it seems to take forever. How long should such a query take to finis? I understand it is depending on the size of the table, but are there any guidelines/indications you can give?

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It's taken 1 hour and 40 minutes so far...

I'm a novise when it comes to sql databases and running scripts, so I believed I might be doing something wrong. I'm using MySQL workbench and I can't find a way to se what is actually going on - I have barely used the workbench before so it is unfamiliar to me...


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