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Commerce: How Would I Set the Automatic Payment Warning?


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I'm using Commerce with Stripe as my payment system. I want to set up a paid subscription which automatically bills the customer's credit card every year.

I understand Commerce can send an e-mail warning, a certain number of days in advance, to let the customer know their credit card will be billed and give them a chance to cancel if they want.

My questions are:

1. Is there a setting, for the number of days in advance of the automatic billing,  the warning e-mail is sent?

2. My customers will mainly speak Turkish. How would I go about editing/translating the text of this warning e-mail?

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I opened a ticket on this and Marc Stridgen explained how to do it. Just passing this on in case anybody else has the same question. Thank you Marc!


The number of days in advance that a user is warned, would depend on your own settings. By default this is 3 days before a payment is taken, however you can change this from Commerce>Payments>Invoices>Invoice Settings if you wish to do so.

With regards translating, you would not edit the email templates themselves (although you can find the email templates within Customization>Appearance>Emails if you wish to do so). The reason for this is that the strings of text used in the emails are stored within the language system. If you already have a pre-translated language pack, its likely this has already been done. You can however use the following documentation to translate language strings


Kind Regards,
Marc Stridgen

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