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Bug - Upload cover photo in Edge

FNDN Admin

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Found a bug, running version; to recreate:

  1. Open Edge browser
  2. With new account or an account that has not submitted a profile photo or make any setting changes to the profile photo option, click your account name -> Profile
  3. Click on image to change your profile photo
  4. Select upload photo, and try to choose single file.

Nothing shows up in edge browser. Tested in IE, FireFox, and Chrome. All those three worked.

The workaround:

  1. Choose "No Photo" from options
  2. Save
  3. Try to upload photo again


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This forum is designed to allow third party developers working with our software to directly interface with the development team and point out deficiencies or request changes (or specific questions how to accomplish something). Please submit a ticket in your client area if you have run into a bug or require technical support. Thanks!

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