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It would be nice if Security updates would be free, even if your license is expired, to get rid of the red nagging banner notice.   I know you guys have already discussed this with others, but I have to voice my concern that this should be something that can be dismissed in the front end.  If you can't dismiss it, then you should provide the security updates for free.  This seems like an unethical way to get people to keep "subscribing" to your updates.  

You need to stop treating system admins like we are children that don't understand the risk of not forking over more money for security updates.  

/rant over

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You can certainly edit the theme to remove the warning banner but we are not going to add a "click here to dismiss security concern" button. We really make no apology for being serious about security and you should too. If you want to theme-out the warning banner and not apply security updates that is of course your choice but one that is very questionable.

We cannot give out security patches for "free" as the updates are integrated into the upgrade process. There's no way to generate a patch as we would have to ask you what version you are running, go back in time to find that file version, and build a specific file. Even then it may not even work for you because between the last time you upgraded and today there could have been other, unrelated changes to that patch file which would break your site.

So it's not a matter of "subscribing" to updates as you seem to think but a matter of the nature of software development.

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