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support tool. restore states.

Ocean West

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When the support too disables stuff there is no way to know what was disabled (no log) so that when you try to restore things to their prior states it's a crap shoot to remember what was originally off and on - this i mean Apps / Plugins / and Advertisements. Some items may have been disabled at some point or turned on at some point but unless you walked thru all these before you ran the support tool and then navigated there is no way to turn back to that state.

I suggest that a snapshot of current state be created in a table as a log and that a restore can be performed to that state before the support tool was run.

i fear i have adds running that have expired or not getting paid - or worse have ads disabled that was paid for. 

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It doesn't disable anything until you click the "Disable Customisations"  button. and then it tells you what it disabled and gives you buttons to re-enable them:

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 10.10.05.png

It will only re-enable the ones it disabled - if you have any that were disabled before you ran the support tool, it will not re-enable them.

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the problem was this - I saw these buttons Re-enable ALL plugins, Re-Enable ALL applications, Re-Enable ALL Advertisements etc, I had some off for a reason and this made me concern which ones were off and which were on and as it shows a count of items disabled not WHICH items were disabled. 

I tried to navigate to a new tab to see but however it happened I lost this page and no way to know what was turned off as you have no way to get back and enable the ones that was turned off..Even the instructions above say in bold:  Check and see if the issue your experience has been resolved. 

The button below that says to re-enable ALL customizations - so the messaging here is not helpful as ALL = All installed customizations regardless of their present state - or - ALL = the ones this tool just turned off but you have know way knowing which. 

I assume its the latter - and the instructional text needs to be better worded.

More importantly this feature needs to cache the current state prior to turning them off and store them so they can be collectively re-enabled.

TimeStamp | List of Items Names | Item Type (Apps, plugins, ads, themes, editor ) | State

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