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Amazons3 problems.


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When I tried to move everything over to S3 before Christmas it failed an broke all the links to images on my forums.  I have been having to upload them in 50/100 blocks. when I get chance.  There are 100,00+ images...

Amazon s3 has recently updated the way that you can upload to the buckets.  this is great as the bulk uploader seems to be working now and I can send in 1/2GB of files at a time without trouble.  

I have a question though.  Do i need to set the permissions for these files to be read only?  I never had this option before but now its giving me the choice.  


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If you've not already done so, check the cost of serving from S3. Ideally you want to put a cloudfront 'CDN' in front of your S3 assets.

You'll need a new IAM user with the right auth to your bucket, then set a policy for access as a logged in user only. Afterwards if you try to access the S3 bucket image, from a unauthenticated session, you should get the error document instead. 

You'll also need to specify the cloudfront url in the files section of IPB admin.

Checkout this post: 



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