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Doubts about personalized Pages and Blocks


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I've created a custom block. A simple HTML and wanted to be visible in all areas of the forum.

I have not found where to select in an easy way, it looks like I have to manually place and each area where I want the block to be visible.

Is there any easy way where I select several areas where the block should be viewed?

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Thank you for your help. IPS block management is very simple and with no options.

To put a block in the whole system is very laborious and I also did not think how to put a block only in topics of a sub-forum.

I come from SMF + SimplePortal and this feature is much more complete.


In a single screen it is possible to choose where the block to appear.

Well, the IPS masters could pay attention to this.:thumbsup:


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I agree.  I used the same portal with SMF. 

With that said, you just need to know and plan beforehand all of the locations and pages you want the block to appear.  You will never see a master list of all pages in IPS because you can create new pages as needed in IP.Pages 

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