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a "no-reply" option/feature


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A query if I may...

Is there a way to set up a no reply header for things such as Private message alerts etc.

Currently, there doesn't appear to be an option that will stop members replying to a notification email. It's not a huge issue, but when I set the incoming address to noreply@clubcuddly.org it still allows me to reply to the email received by the outgoing email address.

While I don't consider it a priority, it would be a nice feature.



ClubCuddly Webmaster.

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We had this problem on 3.4 and used this and it still works after going to 4.x. It removes the content from an email notification of a PM and makes the user  have to go onto the site and read it there. It has reduced our inbox a lot and ensures the recipient actually gets the PM reply and not us. :)



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