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Remove PM content from Email Template


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Previously, I had been able to edit my language files so that the email notifying a member of a PM did not contain the entire message. Can anyone help me with how to do that now? I've spent all morning on it and still can't figure it out. Many communities share sensitive and personal information so this needs to be taken into consideration as an option.

I have been into the New private message notification setting and found the HTML and Plain text email template but am at a loss as to how to exclude only the PM content.

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Can someone point me in the direction of the template for support requests in Commerce? I'm having the same issue with support requests as I did with the pm's. The content of a support request is contained in the email that is sent to the member, & they reply to the email rather than logging into the site & replying in the request. It creates gaps in the history of the request, so I'd like to remove the content from the template if possible.

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