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2FA Disappeared?

mehmet ersoy

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Basically, when i first bought IPS it had 2FA then after a few days, it has now disappeared i have tried restarting my ACP and stuff but it doesn't seem to wanna come back anymore.

2FA still works on my forums but in ACP it isn't there so i can't even change any of the settings anymore.


Here ^^, I'm on the latest Version as well.

Could anyone help me fix this?

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10 minutes ago, mehmet ersoy said:

I fixed that issue, i can get in the acp but 2FA is gone in the actual ACP it wasnt there before i added the plugin either.

Well that's weird.  

Some steps to troubleshoot, in no particular order:

  1. Reupload the complete set of files via FTP
  2. Disable all plugins or applications, especially if you're maybe using Two-step Verification by @Milad IPBPlug.in
  3. Run the ACP Support tool to clear the cache
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