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PHP 5.6.xx expiration?


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I notice I'm getting a Yellow warning bar using 5.6.xx now on fresh test installation. So I guess I'm wondering when IPB is going to expire/drop 5.6.xx support and move into 7?


 I did see this update

So I guess 5.6 will be supported in regards to security fixes for a couple of years according to above. I was going to upgrade my WAMP version however, WAMP is only up to 7.0.10 and php is now up to 7.0.15, so I figured I could wait a few more versions to let WAMP catch up a bit, but how long is the question depending on when IPB officially retires 5.6?

I can switch in my current WAMP PHP set-up to 7.0.4 right now but I would rather wait till WAMP gets to a little closer to 7.0.15 since they are currently on 7.0.10

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