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Maybe a bug with conversion of checkbox custom profile field


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I know, i know, submit a ticket. However I am still on demo board and I know the answer that demo boards are unsupported. So maybe someone can confirm that there is a bug with the way checbox profile fields are converted?

On my 3.4 forum we have a custom profile field to select with checkbox countries we have visited. I have split it in countries per continent. So basically, I have 5 profile fields for America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania.  The data contained in the profile fields converts ok it seems. This is the list of countries I have. Sorry about the language, you just need to look at the number of items. These are the 30 or so countries I have visited in Europe: 



But when I go to edit my profile, for example to remove or add a country in the list, I see only one country checked, the top one in the list:



I am pretty sure that if I click save, my entire list will be destroyed and only the single country on the top will be saved!!! In fact, for all other continents I have the first country selected for some reason and all other checkbox-es are unmarked, regardless if I have visited the country or not. 



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Hm, I just saw that on a demo board here checbox set are comma separated in the profie, while with me obviously it is each option a new line. Could this be somehow related? On my 3.4 board I used to have a hook that groups this fields, but it was only for display purpose, shouldn't affect the contents of the database. 

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